Plotting BaZi Chart – Luck Pillar

On September 12, 2010 by francis

When plotting the Luck Pillar of a BaZi chart, there are a few things you need to know and they are as follows

  1. The Yin or Yang Stem of the Year Pillar
  2. The Month pillar of the natal chart.
  3. The Cycle
  4. Age Limit Points

The Luck Pillar is a ten-column chart and each column spans over a period of 10 years. Thus, a ten-column Luck Pillar chart spans over 100 years of Life data analysis. Of course, you can have more than 10 column but it is rare to have someone lived over 100 years in this day and age.

The Luck Pillar chart is typically read from the right-most column and to the left as the years progresses. The first 60 Jia Zi is determine from the Month Pillar of the natal chart.

The Cycle

When plotting the 1st pillar of the Luck Pillar, we need to determine the Reverse or Forward cycle of the Luck Pillar. To determine the cycle type, we look at the Stems of the Year Pillar and see if it is a Yin or Yang stem. Please refer to the chart below to determine the cycle.

Example: Forward Cycle

A male born in a Bing 丙 (Yang Fire) Year will have a Forward Cycle.

Example: Reverse Cycle

A female born in a Ren 壬 (Yang Water) Year will have a Reverse Cycle.

Once you know the yin-yang and the stems of the Year Pillar in a natal chart, you can conclude if it is Reverse or Forward Cycle.

What exactly is Forward and Reverse Cycle?

The cycle is based on the sequence of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. The Forward Cycle is read from Left-to-Right and the Reverse Cycle is read from Right-to-Left. See the following diagram:

Once you have determined the cycle, you can begin to plot the 1st Luck Pillar. The month pillar is always the starting point.

For example, the following is a male chart with the Year and Month pillar respectively. The year stem is Bing 丙 fire, a Yang stem and the month pillar is 辛 卯. A Yang Year stem follows the Forward Cycle for a male chart. Hence, the 1st Luck Pillar is the next Stem and Branch following the Forward Cycle.

If this is a female chart with the same Year and Month pillar, a Yang Year stem follows the Reverse cycle. Hence, the 1st Luck Pillar follows the next stem and branch in the Reverse order.

On the next article, we will discuss how to calculate the Age Limit points.

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